Addiction Counseling Near Me

Addiction Counseling Near Me

People in the early stages of addiction, or with just a few signs of dependence, might be suffering from addiction disorder and people with many signs and symptoms is likely suffering from a Moderate or Severe Substance abuse. With proper treatment, a person needs to check in to an alcohol detox center can effectively get rid of their symptoms and put their disorder into remission, regardless of the severity of their addiction. The severity of the disorder may influence what addiction counseling is recommended.

There are a variety of available treatments, including treatments provided in outpatient settings, inpatient settings, and treatments that may incorporate individual, family, and/or group therapy.  Talking with someone who is more knowledgeable about the services available in your community is a recommended first step. Often, this first point of contact would be a health or mental health professional like a primary care physician, psychiatrist, social worker, or addiction therapist. In other cases, a person might contact their insurance company to get additional information about what treatments are covered under their insurance plans.

Once enrolled in a treatment program, a person can begin learning the skills and strategies needed to regain control of their lives and begin repairing some of the damage done while they were using. Often, this process includes taking inventory of the consequences of the drug or alcohol abuse, identifying risks and triggers for continued use, learning skills to overcome cravings, and developing routines and habits which support a healthier lifestyle. A person might complete the treatment and achieve remission but may still need to continue to use their support system and learned skills and strategies to protect against a future relapse. Because of the risk of relapse, Substance abuse Disorders are considered chronic in nature, meaning that people in remission are still at higher risk for addiction than people who have not had these disorders. Often, people in long periods of remission might not need active treatment but may still benefit from participation in recovery communities or groups like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.

For Addiction Counseling near me in Palm Beach Gardens we acknowledge each patient and case as unique and treat it as such. Addiction is a monster but it can be overcome with the help of a well-designed multi-faceted treatment therapy plan that takes into account the patient’s history and tendencies.

Have you ever feel hopeless, frustrated, and helpless to face the bleak reality that is addiction on your own? If any of your loved ones are suffering from addiction, Contact us! At hope builders we specialize in Addiction Counseling and we have confidence in developing a trusted therapeutic connection with patients to enhance their treatment.

What therapy is best for addiction?

Addiction is an extremely serious disease that destroys lives and the aspects of the addict personality need to be examined to determine if the cause of the addiction is emotional, psychological, and environmental or a mix of these.

Most people are unable to deal with addiction by themselves and the aid of a professional therapist who is trained in treating this disorder proves to be invaluable. There is no shame in seeking Addiction Counseling in Palm Beach Gardens with Hope Builders and everything to gain.

Currently Marleen’s professional goals focus upon helping others who proactively seek growth in reaching new levels of success and fulfillment in life. She has maintained a private practice for the past 10 years.

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