Marriage and Family Counseling

Marriage and Family Counseling

3 Effective Marriage Couple-Therapy Games to Know Your Partner Better



You must think that  treatment is tedious and emotionally exhausting. While it is true that it is an emotional roller coaster ride, it is constructive and fun throughout. The kind of fun we’re talking about here is different. It gives you a new perspective and highlights things in your relationship that you had no idea of.

You can make this process fun by various couple-therapy games. These games help you in knowing your partner better during or outside your therapy session. It will come as a surprise to you when you see a different side of your partner in these games.

1. Role Reversal Game

It is not your typical role-playing game, but a very intense game. Couples complain a lot about how their partner does not listen to them. This game precisely addresses that point. You have to reverse the roles with your partner and take inspiration from any situation that had an impact on you, positive or negative. This would help you in analyzing the situation from your partner’s point of you. What they must have felt during a specific scenario.

At first, it will seem funny because you will try to be your partner, but after a while, you will see how serious it could get. You will realize that your partner’s reaction to most of your things is not irrational, now that you are on the other side.

2. Limited Time Couples Therapy Game

Think about any one of your fights with your partner. Most part of it two of you shouting at each other, same old blame game, until one of you says something so worse that makes the other person walk away. Yes, you both know that you do not mean most of the things that you say during a fight, but it stays with you.

To counter this issue, you need to play this game to address any problem in your relationship. Set a timer for three minutes. During these three minutes, your partner will only listen to you and will not interrupt you at all. After that, it is their turn. You need to repeat this process until you both feel that you are done with the topic.

It is not necessary that a solid solution comes out of it. What is essential is that you both should hear and understand each other. Sometimes both partners are on the same side of the argument, and they do not realize it.

3. Share Something New marriage counseling Game

It is a simple game, which involves your partner to share something about them. This could be a fun fact, a fear, embarrassing memory, or a confession. These days couples are so busy that they rarely talk to each other about these things.

Through these games, your chemistry with your partner is likely to go over the moon because you will feel connected to them like never before.


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