Marriage and Family Counseling Near Me

Marriage and Family Counseling Near Me

Do you miss the Connection you and your spouse used to have?

Is there a  distance between you and your partner that seems irreparable?

The mixed emotions of fear, sadness, and possibly anger and resentments can be debilitating.

Do you wonder if the state of your marriage is fixable?

Emotional intimacy and sex at a loss?

Do I even need to mention the physical intimacy loss?

Do you ask yourself if you can feel the old connection you once had with your spouse?

Have you drifted too far apart?

Have either one or both of you done things that you think you can’t come back from?


Do you miss your marriage?

It’s very natural for two individuals to grow apart as you are both living different experiences every day. You then come home to each other after a long day of work, and the work does not stop. There are kids to take care of, bills to pay, and to-do lists to complete. It is very common that when you finally get some one on one time with your spouse, they are getting the REST of you and not the BEST of you.

According to Dr. John Gottman, a renowned couples research scientist, 69% of all couples conflicts go unsolved. That means you could be having the same arguments over and over again. The problem may seem different depending if it’s about the dishes, the kids, or the bills, but there are the same underlying issues happening that is the root of it all.

Do you know Einstein’s definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result!

It’s not your fault.

We get into habits as individuals and as couples that become more concrete as time passes. These habits become very difficult to break… unless you have help.

Emotionally Focused Couples therapy and Gottman therapy are used to get to these underlying issues. They are evidence based. They have been shown to be the most effective marriage counseling models known to date. Rather than talking about the same issues repeatedly, we will work on what is going on underneath the arguments. I will teach you how to speak the same language as your spouse. You will then learn how to recreate that connection you once had. You will be given strategies to use immediately at home starting on Day 1 of therapy. Both you and your spouse will be given a fair and safe space to be able to open up and find solutions.

Perhaps as you have been living your busy lives, you have begun to hardly recognize the person you first fell in love with. I can help get back to those butterflies you once felt.

Maybe you have experienced a betrayal in your marriage through infidelity, substance use, or other secrets recently uncovered.

It is possible for your marriage to come through even stronger than it was before!

What if my spouse doesn’t want to come?

Talk to your spouse about what concerns him or her. There may be a stigma tied to marriage counseling for them or one of the issues listed below may be bothering them. Assure them that he or she will be given a non-judgmental place to address their concerns. My goal is to help the two of you fix your problems and learn how to communicate, not be the judge on who is more wrong.

If we go to marriage counseling, does that mean we are broken?

I am clearly biased, however I recommend marriage counseling even for the strongest relationships to check in and continually asses they are growing together in their relationship as opposed to separately in their own individual paths.

What if my work schedule doesn’t allow us to come to marriage counseling during the day?

I have evening and weekend hours, as most of my couples prefer these times due to their work schedules. Contact me for availability.

What if it’s too late for us to get help?

It is NEVER too late. You are not a lost cause. I’ve had couples come in that have the divorce lawyer’s contact information on speed dial. They have left therapy saving a lot of heartache and saving a lot of money in court fees.

What if things we talk about in marriage counseling lead to more fights at home?

You will learn coping skills to talk about issues on Day 1 of therapy. If things come up in marriage counseling, it is because they need to be addressed. Keeping them under the surface only causes continual issues. Let’s talk about these issues in a safe place and come to a resolution in the therapy room so you are not having the need to go home and argue more about it. Communication is key and you will learn how to do that here.

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