Marriage and Couples Affected By Covid-19

Marriage and Couples Affected By Covid-19

The pandemic has created new tensions and stress on couples living together. Lately, Spouses have argued about child-care headaches created by lockdowns. Both partners believe their work is important, but someone must stay home with the kids.

“I would be lying if I said there haven’t been tears,” says Ms. Shapiro, a 37-year-old attorney. She is confident they will make it through together. But for now, their stress level is high. “This has been a very difficult period,” she says.

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In the best of times, marriage and relationships are hard work. But the coronavirus pandemic has created a pressure cooker inside homes, straining even strong marriages and partnerships, experts say, likely breaking many relationships. Families are cooped up, with spouses trying to work from home remotely while also taking care of their children. Job losses, caring for at-risk elderly parents, arguments over what’s safe, and arguments over school reopening are all taking a toll. Spouses who differ in political beliefs are being torn apart

“Where there was a crack, there is now a rupture,” says Kathryn Smerling, a marriage and family therapist in New York City. Dr. Smerling says she has gotten about 20 calls for appointments from couples in the past four months, compared with a handful in the same period a year ago.

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Most adults today said they know a couple likely to break up, separate or divorce when the coronavirus pandemic is over, recent polls conducted at the end of July have shown calls to divorce lawyers have increased a hundred fold over last year.

Pollack law group , a family law practice based in california consulted with 278 new clients on divorce issues from April to July compared with 113 clients in that same period a year ago, says Sid Pollack, founder and managing principal of the firm. So many Marriage counselors have doubled their clients this year. Since courts have either been closed or backed up, many clients have felt stuck adding more stress to marriage and couples counseling. Alcohol consumtion has gone up drastically in the pandemic causing marriages to split or come to marriage counseling

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