Couples Counseling Near Me

Couples Counseling Near Me

What makes relationships tricky is the fact that we bring so much “stuff” into them. Each partner’s childhood experiences of self-worth, trust, and emotional regulation shape how they individually respond to the environment. What might be meant as a positive action can be interpreted very differently through the lens of past experiences. Hurt and misunderstanding result from this. We want connection, but paradoxically turn away.

If you find yourselves stuck in argument loops, desperately clinging for some way out, I want you to know there is hope. Using an attachment-based, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approach, I help couples learn to listen and trust one another, unlocking their own problem-solving abilities so they can enjoy life again. With couples therapy, each partner can experience being more available, responsive, and engaged. I will help you understand where and why you are stuck in your relationship, then coach you on the path forward through deepening connections and voicing your needs in a way your partner can hear. 

Fighting for the Relationship

Couples experience conflict because they matter to each other; if you didn’t care about the other person, then there would be no relationship distress and he or she would not “get to you” so much. Often by the time they arrive to couples  therapy near me, both partners have been suffering for a while. It takes incredible bravery to open up to a stranger and share the pain you’ve both been feeling. It’s even more courageous to risk hoping that things will work out. That’s why it’s important that you find a couples therapist who will fight for your relationship and work alongside you to heal the damage and repair your bond.

I am a “marriage friendly” couples therapist, which means I see my job as helping couples work through their problems and save their relationships. Unfortunately, not every couples counselor sees it this way. Some couples and marriage therapists take a “neutral” approach to relationships. Whether it is due to inexperience or lack of specialized couples therapy training, some therapists may even recommend breaking up or divorcing when feeling frustrated or ineffective. While ending the relationship is sometimes the outcome couples choose, it should not be the expectation set by the therapist. I firmly believe in the power of our intimate bonds, and will work with both partners to get through conflict and find connection once more.

Clinical Focus Marriage Counseling

I have special advanced training in working with couples in which one or both members experience problem substance use (i.e. addiction). Contrary to popular belief, it is never too early in recovery to begin couples work. In my therapy practice, I’ve also helped couples struggling with a number of other issues, including:

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