Opiate Withdrawal Supplements

supplements for withdrawal from opiates

Research studies show that nutrient deficiency is a consequence of substance abuse due to poor eating habits, and due to interference with the metabolism of nutrients. Prolonged use of narcotic pain pills impairs the ability to absorb nutrients. Bringing nutrient …

Try Kratom for Alcohol Addiction

kratom for anxiety

So let’s look at some evidence of how people can use kratom for quitting alcohol in a little more detailed study.

red vein Kratom should never be used all the time as an replacement for alcohol. What you should be …

Best Kratom for opiate withdrawal


gold kratom


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3 Effective Couple-Therapy Games to Know Your Partner Better



You must think that  treatment is tedious and emotionally exhausting. While it is true that it is an emotional roller coaster ride, it is constructive and fun throughout. The …

Recovery Coach

A Recovery Coach  also known as a drug test Coach, is the latest weapon in the fight against addiction.   Coaches provide invaluable support for people trying to overcome their compulsive, obsessive, destructive behaviors. A Recovery Coach works very much like …

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Solutions

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